Dry Fruits-Nuts Cake (Diwali special)

Wanted to share this recipe around Diwali. There is no ghee or oil in this recipe. This is age old recipe slightly modified with nutritious ingredients.

What you need?

(You can change the ingredients based on the region where you live and what you get?)

Dried figs - 10 cut into small pieces
Dried cranberries-1 cup

Almonds-2 cups
Pecans-1 cup
Flax seeds-1/3 cup

Dried ginger powder-1/2 tsp
salt-1/2 tsp
Jaggery-1 cup
elachi powder-1 tsp(optional)

How to make?

1. Heat the kadai and dry fry almonds for 2 mins, touch with hand,if it is warm remove to dry plate.

2. Dry fry pecans for 3 mins, transfer to the same plate as almonds.

3. Switch off the stove, add flax seeds and cover it with lid. It might pop. It is ok.

4. Now, we need to prepare jaggery. Boil jaggery in a sauce pan till it dissolves and filter it to remove dirt. Boil it again.

5. Till jaggery is getting prepared, you can prepare the nuts. Make sure it is cooled enough. The nuts only has to be put in a food processor to crack them into halves. Be slow, we dont want to make it powder. It should be cracked pieces.

6. Add dry ginger powder, salt and elachi powder to the jaggery. Boil the jaggery till it is very thick, if you drop the jaggery in water in a cup, it should roll if you roll it. If it becomes too thick, add water and heat for a while, it will come to the right consistency.

7. Prepare a cookie sheet (or a tray) by spreading little ghee all over.

8. Add all the fruits and nuts to the jaggery mixture while it is hot. Stir all together till it is mixed properly.

9. Pour it in the tray and use a flat dosai laddle to pat them flat. spread some ghee on that laddle so that the nuts does not stick to it. Once you spread it to desired consistency, you can cut them Or you can just shape them with hand like how we did. If you use more jaggery, you can cut them since it is sticky. We used reduced jaggery so we just rolled it with hand and flatten it. It is not that hot to do it by hand. It is quite easy.


1. Amount of jaggery might vary depending upon the kind you use. You might use little more or less depending on that.

2. You can use raisins, walnuts or sesame seeds in this recipe.


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