Spices - Add flavour to food and liveliness to your Life!


This is called as spice of life since ancient times. It helps to dissolve complex protein in the brain and helps to keep the brain sharp. You can be little more generous in using this wonder spice in your curry/pasta and upmas or even idlis.


This reduces blood sugar level and cholesterol. It is a good in burning body fat too. You can add it tea/coffee/any drink, Fruit smoothies, sambar (goes very well), upma, idli, chappathi/bread flour. Use 1/4 tsp per person on daily basis. Too much of this spice is also not good.


Pepper is another spice that help reduce cholesterol and control body weight. It helps to keep away from cold and cough. You can use this in tea masala, rasam, all curries, upma and while making idli/dosa/pesaret batter too.


Ginger is supposed to aid digestion and help reduce cholesterol. You can easily use this in tea, curries and upma.


Fenugreek (Methi seeds) helps to reduce cholesterol and blood sugar. It reduces body heat and increases milk in lactating mothers. You can use this while doing tadka for sambar. Powder can be used in small quantities in curries especially palak paneer/tofu.


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