Kambu(Jowar) Dosai

Kambu Dosai

This is very simple and nutritious dinner which I found while exploring grains. We do not get Kambu here in US. I got it from India. People who live in India can try with the grain since that flavour is very good while others can try this with Kambu/Jowar flour.

What you need?

Kambu(Jowar) grain - 1 cup

How to make?

Soak Kambu for 6-8 hrs

Grind smooth, add salt to the batter.

Heat Tava and make round crepes

Add little oil and turn it other side, cook for a minute. It is done.

This is very simple to make and yet very healthy one. I supplement this with some vegetable chutney or even fruit chutney. Dont think I am crazy, I am talking about Avocado chutney. I will add that simple recipe very soon.


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