Protein rich Whole grain Chappathi with omega fats

This chappathi is very soft with no additional oil. Gone are those days when I used to make chappathi with just whole wheat flour and water. Since the time I learnt to use cottage cheese in making chappathi flour, it has been mostly this recipe. It is very healthy and would like to share it with others.

whole wheat flour - 2 cups
Oats flour-1 cups
flax meal-1/2 cup (optional)

cottage cheese-1 cup blended into puree
(you can use blended soft tofu/yogurt as well)

salt -1/2 tsp

Just add little hot water to cottage cheese if it was in fridge and blend it. Add it to the flour and mix it thoroughly and make the dough like normal chappathi. You can add more cottage cheese or water if required to make the dough soft. Let it rest for 30 minutes.

To make roti,

make 6 inch circles with rolling pin by dusting as required.

Heat Tava, cook one side for 30 secs on high heat and turn it other side and let it cook for 30 secs

To make phulka, Transfer the grill to the hot stove, Take half cooked roti and put it in grill. Chappathi would puff, quickly turn it to the other side either with a laddle/chuta or carefully with hand. the other side would puff too.

1. 1I make the dough in double quantity and keep it in fridge
2. flax seed is linseed in India. You can grind it at home too. I have never tried since we get flax meal here.
3. If you dont have phulka making grill, make it as normal rotis too.
4. If cottage cheese is not available, try tofu or yogurt.


  1. Hi Raji,

    I made this chappathi. Never had my chappathis turn out this soft. Awesome tasting too. I used fat free sour cream instead of cottage cheese as I didn't have cottage cheese in hand.



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