Dates Whole Wheat Bread

I try to avoid or reduce white sugar mostly. I use less of brown sugar too. I make sweet berry smoothies with figs/raisins and dates with no sugar in it.

Recently, I read about dates and wanted to explore more. Dates have the best nutrition for dieting. I give a simple snack to my kids by inserting an almond into dates. It has low fat, good amino acids, help us digest and assimilate carbohydrates easier and control blood sugar levels.

I have been religiously following the whole wheat bread recipe for few weeks but then I was unable to stop my experimentation. I was perhaps happy with the end result of making this bread. It was very soft and porous.

What you need?

Whole wheat flour-3.5 cups
vital wheat gluten-3 tbsp (optional)
salt-1.5 tsp
oil-1/4 cup
water-1 cup  + 1 Tbsp
yeast-2.5 tsp
Dried Dates-15
br sugar-1 tbsp
pepper powder-2 tsp
ajwain-2 tsp

How to make?

1. soak dates in warm water for 30 mins.remove pits if any and blend them with hand blender or food processor.
2. In 1/4 cup of warm water(it should not feel hot if you put your finger in it), add brown sugar and yeast. Whisk slightly and keep aside for 10 mins.
It should be frothy. If not, do not continue further. Redo this step fresh.
3. Measure flour accurately with leveling knife. If using vital wheat gluten, add it first in the cup and then add whole wheat flour for the first cup and then measure rest of the quantity.
4. Add salt , pepper and ajwain to the flour
5. In another cup measure oil, water, dates mixture and mix well. Add to frothy yeast
6. Add liquid to flour mixture slowly. Knead all togehter for 10 mins to active gluten. If using grinder with dough hook, put all the flour mixture in it, start the grinder and then add the liquid. Let it run for 5 mins. Check the liquid, add 1 Tbsp of warm water at a time and check for consistency. It should be soft and elastic and not very watery. The flour should leave the sides of the grinder and also the bottom of the grinder mostly. Let it run for 12-15 mins.
in grinder, let it run for 15 mins. Added 2 tbsp + 2 tbsp water in intervals. Soft dough, not too sticky. It came out of the sides
7. Take the dough and shape into a round ball. Coat with Oil and keep it in a big vessel leaving enough room for it to double. If the external temp is very low, switch on the oven light and let it become warm (10 MIINS). Switch off the oven and put the vessel covered with oiled wax paper. Leave it there for an hour or two. If it has doubled in an hr, you can go to next step. Otherwise wait.
8. Once it is double, deflate. Made into round ball and shaped into loaf. Place it in a greased bread pan 9*5
9. Let it rest for 45 mins to an hour. The dough should have reached above the top edges. Then it is ready to bake.
10. preheat oven. Baked for 20 mins. Then covered with aluminium foil and baked for 20 mins.

Coated with Olive oil all around once it was out. The bread was Very soft inside and crust was also soft. Not very sweet. So healthy dates whole wheat bread ready for breakfast or any time.

Quick Notes:

Baking Temp - 350 F
Baking Time - 20 mins, cover with aluminium foil and bake for 20 mins.

This bread does not taste sweet. If you want it sweeter, add more dates and reduce liquid little bit accordingly.


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