Whole wheat Apple/Pear sandwich

I consulted a nutritionist couple of years ago since my Dr. referred me to her. I got to know some basic information about the meal sizes and what quantity is appropriate. I have low HDL (Good cholesterol) and she gave me some useful tips. One of that was this fruit sandwich. Since then, it has been our staple breakfast. None of us skip our breakfast :-) Eating fruits at breakfast is also good since body will readily absorb all the nutrients.

This is a very simple recipe and healthy too!

What you need?

Whole wheat bread-1 or 2
Spread can be anything - Peanut butter (see notes)
Filling are slices of apples or pear (you can explore other fruits too)

How to do it?

1. Toast bread and spread peanut butter or any other spread of your choice
2. Arrange the sliced apples/pear (few) in single layer
3. You can cut in the middle diagonally to get two triangles or use any cookie cutter to get interesting shapes for kids.

It is ready, you can eat it on the go without missing your breakfast!

Note: I started making peanut butter, almond butter and now I make a nutty butter which has sesame seeds and flax meal in it. Ofcourse, it is our innovation (credit goes to my hubby). Stay tuned for that recipe.


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