Monday, May 23, 2011

Home made Multi Grain Chappathi flour

Multi grain flour mix is available in the store but I am not sure what % of other flours are mixed together. If it is home made, we have control over it and it is not much of effort. It is mostly mix and match. You can get all kinds of flour in indian and health stores. I buy some from Indian and some from health stores. If you do not have any flour then you can just ignore it, it does not hurt.

I have made non wheat grain mix like this with

Jowar flour - 2 lbs
Ragi flour - 2 lbs
Bajra flour - 2 lbs
spelt flour-2 lbs
Oats flour-2 lbs ( I did not add it with this but you can)
soy flour - 1/2 lb
black chickpea flour - 1/2 lb
moong flour - 1 lb
buckwheat flour- 1 lb
rye flour-1 lb
barley flour-1 lb

When I want to make chapathi flour, the follow this ratio

whole wheat flour-2 cups
multi grain mix - 1 cup
oats flour-1 cup
flax meal-4 tbsp

Tip is to add less quantity of sticky flours. I just want to add more oats into my rotis.

I mix my flour with pureed low fat cottage cheese with zero amount of oil and they are super soft. No oil applied while cooking too. We make phulkas out of it.

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Monday, May 16, 2011

Nutty Butter!

I never thought of making nut butter at home till I saw the post by Champa about Almond butter. She has a beautiful blog-versatile kitchen. Thanks Champa for inspiring me.

We love peanut butter which is like a staple food for all our breakfast with bread and it goes very well with apple on snack time too.

Anything home made has its own value! Store bought are definetely restricted.

So, first I tried making peanut butter, it was hit. Then, I tried making peanut, almond, sesame seeds butter. That is what is Nutty butter. Sesame seeds is very good, it has good fat, increases stamina and much more.

Usually I bake bread atleast once in a week and at the end of baking, I slip in the peanuts and almonds in the cookie sheet in the oven.

Here is how we can make it

Peanuts-3 cups
Almonds-1 cups
sesame seeds-1/4 cup-1/2cup
Flax meal-1/2 cup

cloves-3 (optional)
cinnamon-2 tsp (optional)
salt-3/4 tsp (adjust as per taste)

Olive oil/Flax oil -3 Tbsp (you can use in combination also)

How to make?

1. Roast peanuts, almonds seperately either in oven or in


1. If using oven, at 350 F (bake) , 10-12 mins. Let it cool for a while, check if it is roasted. If not, bake again for 5 mins. Keep checking when you do first time.

2. Heat kadai, reduce heat, add sesame seeds, cover with lid. It will pop. Gently shake and make sure that it does not burn.

3. Transfer to a flat dish and let it cool.

4. Switch off the stove, in the same kadai, add flax meal, let it sit for 3-4 mins. keep aside.

5. Add peanuts to mixy jar, blend, first it will powder and then it will release oil and blend itself, when it gets hard, add oil, add extra nuts and all other ingredients keeping flax at the end.

Mixy/Electric blender will become very hot to touch. You can pause in between and then continue to grind after a while.


1. Lot of flexibility since it is home made, add brown sugar upto 1 Tbsp if you want it to have the sweet and salt taste.

2. Try other nuts/seeds like pumpkin, sunflower seeds and walnuts or pecans starting with 1/4 cup


If we add flax meal, if you just eat the butter, you will feel the flax meal. If it is used in the bread, we never notice it.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Drumstick Leaves Dal (Poricha kuzhambu)

All greens are good but some are super good like this drumstick leaves. Planning is the key of making any dish on a busy day. I usually pluck the leaves before hand, one tip is to do it while

watching tv or on phone. Otherwise, I feel very bored to do this chore. Usually we get drumstick leaves in bunches and we need to just have only the leaves, not any stick part. Just be cautious about it.

What you need?

plucked Drumstick leaves-1 cup
Yellow Moong dal soaked - 1/4 cup
Gorbanzo beans (or any beans of your choice) - 1/4 cup
Sambar powder - 1 tsp (optional). Increase for more spice
Coriander, chilli and Chana dal powder - 2 Tbsp (use just coriander powder if you dont have this mixed powder)
Asofoedita- 1/8 tsp
coconut 3 Tbsp or (carrot-1 and 10 almonds)

mustard seeds
curry leaves powder

Optional additional masala powder

Mustard - 1/4 tsp
Red chillies-1
urad dal-2 tsp
whole balck pepper-2 tsp

Dry fry mustard, red chillies,pepper and urad dal till golden and set aside.

1. Boil water, add washed drumstick leaves, salt, turmeric powder and asofoedita, sambar powder, coriander masala powder if using and let it boil.

2. Pressure cook moong dal and beans seperately with turmeric powder and salt for 4 whistles (depending upon your cooker). Alternatively you can just cook moong dal in a pan with sufficient water.

I have never cooked beans in that way, So I dont know.

3. Grind the additional masala powder if using.

4. In the same jar, grind coconut or carrot, almond mixture. I soak almonds in hot water for 15-20 mins. It can be grinded as such also.

5. Add the masala pownder and the ground mixture. Let it boil for 10 mins. Add enough water but not too watery.

6. Add pressure cooked beans and moong dal, adjust salt and thickness by adding water if required. Let it cook for 10 mins. Keep stirring to avoid the skin formation in the kadai.

7. Do tadka and it is done.

There are also other preparations of drumstick leaves. I will add them soon. Few simple preparations include using it as topping for adai (lentil dosa), idli or just mix in chappathi flour. Chop

the leaves if required.