Home made Multi Grain Chappathi flour

Multi grain flour mix is available in the store but I am not sure what % of other flours are mixed together. If it is home made, we have control over it and it is not much of effort. It is mostly mix and match. You can get all kinds of flour in indian and health stores. I buy some from Indian and some from health stores. If you do not have any flour then you can just ignore it, it does not hurt.

I have made non wheat grain mix like this with

Jowar flour - 2 lbs
Ragi flour - 2 lbs
Bajra flour - 2 lbs
spelt flour-2 lbs
Oats flour-2 lbs ( I did not add it with this but you can)
soy flour - 1/2 lb
black chickpea flour - 1/2 lb
moong flour - 1 lb
buckwheat flour- 1 lb
rye flour-1 lb
barley flour-1 lb

When I want to make chapathi flour, the follow this ratio

whole wheat flour-2 cups
multi grain mix - 1 cup
oats flour-1 cup
flax meal-4 tbsp

Tip is to add less quantity of sticky flours. I just want to add more oats into my rotis.

I mix my flour with pureed low fat cottage cheese with zero amount of oil and they are super soft. No oil applied while cooking too. We make phulkas out of it.

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  1. Raji,
    That is wonderful. Thanks a lot.

  2. from where we can get oat,rye soy flour ?we have to grind?whats spelt,buck wheat flour,whats flax meal

    1. I buy few of them from Indian store and many of them from health store, all ground already. spelt is a sister of wheat, said to be more healthy, buck wheat is also a indian grain called Kuttu in North india, it is quite sticky but very healthy. Flax meal is called alsi seeds in india. It has very good fat and fibre. Sorry for the late response.

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