Rava Almond Laddoo

Rava laddoo has become a tradition into our Diwali sweets. I love this sweet but it has lot of sugar and ghee too. I made this with white sugar since i did not want to disturb the look too much.

Usually Rava laddoo takes lot of ghee and this one was better with half good fat from almonds and still the taste of rava comes out nicely.

Fine Sooji or Rava - 1/2 cup
Ground almonds-1/2cup
Fine sugar-1/2 cup
Cashews, sliced almonds-2 Tbsp
Cardomom powder-1/4 tsp
Ghee-2 Tbsp + 1Tbsp

How to make?

Prep work:

Ground whole almonds or blanced ones and transfer to a plate. Be careful while grinding, it has to be powdered and not clumby. Almonds have lot of oil too. I used whipper and just on 1 and 2 speed in mixie. You can do it with blender too. Do not over grind.


1. Heat ghee(2Tbsp) in kadai and fry nuts and tranfer to the plate

2. Add elachi powder, powdered sugar to the plate and mix well.

2. Fry Sooji in the same kadai till nice aroma comes and transfer it to the plate. Add 1 Tbsp ghee over the hot sooji and mix well. It will be hot, so mix it with laddle.

3. In 2-3 mins, start forming the balls or just take the mixture and press it into the measuring spoons like me to get semi circles which is easy to make and eat too.

You could add a tsp of warm milk if you are unable to press it into shapes. This tasted very good.

Tip: You should form the balls when the sooji is still hot, otherwise, you cant shape them.


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