Rocket Berry Popsicle

I am not a regular blogger. I cook in the morning and spend my time in the evening with kids and working full time! I would love to do a decent blogging with nice pictures and lot more healthy recipes. But it is just not my cup of tea. But I do add recipes whenever I could just as a repository with the main motto that atleast my kids can refer to when they need to know. I appreciate that they understand whenever I attempt to explain them what are color additives, sugars, preservatives and all the additional stuff that store bought food has!

Kids love popsicles and since last 2 summers, I have been making differnt kind of popsicles at home and they love it. I feel very proud when they go and tell their friends and even their parents that 'My mom makes home made popsicles and they love it'. What else do I need?

This recipe is coming up now since I just saw a picture taken a while ago to put this recipe in the blog. But I never got there until now. You can save it for next sunny day or perhaps next summer.

Here is the recipe,

Fruits! (you can use any berries here)

Strawberries (frozen or raw)-1 cup
blue berries or berry mix - 1 cup
Banana - 1 or 2 as per your wish
avocado - optional
water - 2 cups

Dates(fresh) - 15 (unpitted)
cinnamon - 1/2 tsp
salt-a pinch

Flax meal - 1 -2 Tbsp (optional)
chia seeds - 1 Tbsp (optional)

You can use hand blender or juicer. I use hand blender.
Blend all berries first for 4-5 mins until they are smooth. Add banana and other fruits if using, dates, cinnamon, pinch of salt and enough water. Blend it. At the end add, flax meal and give a swirl. Check if everything is combined. Add chia seeds and mix well.

Add honey or br sugar if you feel the sweetness is less.

Pour this in the popsicle molds or small cups and freeze it. If using small cups, insert the wooden stick in the middle.

How can a popsicle be more healthy!!

We slurp it as weekend breakfast since it gives so much of energy. Just one note, do not eat any high protein food before or after the berries since it hinders the vital nutrition absorption into the body.


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