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Dhokla cake (for that Sweet tooth)

Methi Mutter Curry

Whole Spelt Grain Buns

Chappathi Dough Enhancers

Swiss chard Stir Fry with Whole Masoor

Kale Parata

Spinach Dip or Chutney

Reflection of Ayurveda!

Beware of Vit D3(for Vegeterians)

Malli Mix (Coriander Greens Mix)

Sesame Seed Super Easy Mix over Rice/Grain

Almond soft fudge(Badam Katli)

Avocado Cucumber Raita

Crunchy Oats Almond Cookie

Look for healthy whole grains and beans

Yellow Dosai (Besan, Chana flour)

Plan your weekly menu

Fat free Milk

A thought towards brown sugar

Sneak in Chia seeds

Pairing of Foods!

Broken Oats Pongal

Choco Apple Banana Smoothie!

Peanut Avocado chutney

Crispy Healthy Dosai(Dosa)