Sneak in Chia seeds

Chia seeds as I heard it is a super food. Yes, most of the times, the tiny things are the ones which are significantly healthy :-) Google about chia seeds, a brief idea about it, it is a tiny seed which is very high in good fat, calcium and many more nutrients.

It forms into a jelly if you leave it in any liquid like water, milk or yogurt.. some people might like it but my family does'nt prefer it that way. So, what are the alternates

1. Mix it with dosa/idli or any crepes batter. I make many different variety of crepes. Need to add them into my blogging. Will do soon.

2. Just add 2-3 Tbsp in any smoothie at the end and give a whip. Good here too.

3. Add it on top of greek yogurt just before serving them..

4. Mix it with Hot milk and drink it immediately for a warm drink.

5. My brother likes it to mix it with buttermilk and have it as a snack drink.

6. My favourite addition is in baking starting from breads, muffins, cakes, quick breads...

7. Summer is coming it is definetely going to be in my popsicles,hmm, how about icecreams.. I think Yes.. it would find its place if it does not spoil the taste.

no restrictions. Just add them and take the additional benefits. I came up with all these ways after seeing this seed in whole foods. I dont know if we can get it across globe but if you get it, try them..


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