Pairing of Foods!

Many of you might know this but I am just adding it just in case if someone is out there like me! Science is such an important thing in food.. Unless we understand it better, we cannot make the best use out of what we eat.

I had already blogged about berries which should not be consumed along with proteins. Protein hinders the absorption of the nutrition from the berries. When we are eating berries, why not take the maximum benefit of it?

Iron rich foods has to be paired with something for the body to absorb it well. Vegeterians rely on beans, dark greens, whole grain cereals for their iron intake. Unfortunately, boday does not take it all. So, we can pair it with few foods.

(1) Beans best friend is Tomatoes
(2) whole grain cereal goes well with vitamin c rich foods. Any calcium for ex., coffee/Tea with milk hinders the iron absorption.
(3) Tofu with Hot/sweet peppers
(4) Dark Greens with strawberries and melons.

Another information is about Vitamin D intake. People take supplements for their deficiency. I opted to go for Vit D2 which was plant source. I never realized that Vit D should be paired with Fat for them to be taken by the body. Yes, it is true that I have also read VIT-A, D, K and E are fat soluble. You can take your Vit D whenever you eat fatty foods like nuts/avocado or any other fatty foods.

Talking about Vit D, I discovered all organic/normal milk has added D3 from animal source, some from fish, cows, pig or lanolin (sheep fur) especially in US. I could not convince myself to take it anymore. So, I switched to milk without added D3. It is the next big challenge to find store who carry milk without D3.

Thanks for reading! Will add more recipes soon.


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