Plan your weekly menu

Planning is critical to cook and pack food for the family.  I started maintaining an excel when I started to work after becoming Mom.  It has items like Beans, veggies, lunch and dinner menu so that we do not miss the critical inputs.  Couple of my colleagues say that they do not have variety of food items to have so they go out and eat from restaurant.  When we go to restaurant, we find the menu to be boring, same kind..  Our weekly menu is generally quite versatile so that we dont get bored with home made food.  I have an excel which i update mostly on Mondays for the whole work week.

Sample week Menu:

Monday is simple one pot meal for all of us.  (Mix veg Pulao or Upma)

Tuesdays -  Veggie Dal (Kuttu) with some mixed rice/grain like lemon/sesame seeds

Wednesdays - Sprouts for Adults and chappathi rolls or parata for kids

Thursdays - Pasta

Fri - Rasam/Sambar with Sabji (veggie curry)

I keep changing the grain or the variety every week

Dinner is mostly dosai/adai(lentils crepe) with veggie dips (chutneys) or phulka and sabji.

If you need more ideas, email me.  I will be happy to share a list of items that we can quickly make.


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