Chappathi Dough Enhancers

I make multi grain chappathis mostly.  Refer to my multi grain chappathi flour post if you are interested.

1. Tofu:

 I consulted a nutritionist couple of years ago and she suggested mixing chappthi flour with Tofu or cottage cheese to increase the protein in vegeterian diet.  I used to mix in pureed cottage cheese before but we had to stop it since we find them with Vit D3.  Now, I get firm tofus which are non-gmo from Costco and use in many dishes.   Puree the tofus and use about 3/4 cup of the puree for 3 cups of flour.  You have to reduce the water accordingly.

2. Steamed Yam/Sweet potato:

Sweet potatoes are very good but they are quite sweet.  I make paratas but kids dont like the sweetness in there.  Stir fry is ok but does not go very well.   I steam cook them  and just mash them with spoon and use it in chappathi flour and also in baked rolls/bread recipes.  The end product turns out to be very soft.

3. Pumpkin Puree:

When it is pumpkin season, i just pressure cook them, blend and pack in ziploc covers and freeze it.  Just pick one pack either for chappathi dough mixing or in bread.

Please share if you have any other ideas.


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