Reflection of Ayurveda!

The topic may sound very hard but it is actually not.  I wanted to share few of my learnings with my own experiments here.   I had been making some unconscious cooking mistakes in the past without realizing them by following the recipes from other blogs.  However healthy i was eating, my body was not absorbing the nutrients, then I learnt about the principles behind the food absorption.  It is indeed true.  As we learn the rules of roads before we start driving on the roads and call it is a 'Conscious Driving', it is so true, it is so important to be conscious about what we are putting into our body.

Few tips:

1. Milk, taken alone is good for you, not with fruits/nuts/spinach or anything that has iron in it. 

How did this make a difference for us?

We used to make wonderful cereal with all fruits like apple, strawberries, nuts and milk.. It was soo wrong.  Milk hinders the absorption of the nutrients from the fruits and nuts.

Mango lassi, banana milk shake or any fruit with milk is not a healthy drink.

Changes that i made now is

Just make cereal with fruits and nuts, without any milk and add either fruit juice or eat it as such.  All fruits are so juicy.

2.  Milk and salt should never be combined.

I used to make palak paneer with added milk and it used to make it creamy and yummy.  Now, either i grind few almodns into it or just skip it.

3. Milk and yeast should not be combined. 

4. Do not eat anythign in between your meals.  If you are snacking, give atleast 3-4 hrs after the big meals.

5. Fruits should not be eaten with your main food.  Fruits are best absorbed when you dont have anything else to churn in your stomach. So, fruit dessert is a bad idea.   

6. Honey should never be cooked.  I baked with Honey a few times without realizing this fact.  It is actually very toxic when honey is cooked.  It should not be mixed with HOT beverages.. You can add it with warm milk though.

7.  Raw white sugar is not good for you.  It is so refined, look for alternates like whole cane sugar, jaggery or natural sweeteners (do not go by the label in the cover), molasses.  This was pretty hard one and expensive too. 

8. Eat your food on time. Eating early dinner helps in digestion and also make you fit.  (6.30 to 7pm)

9.  Calcium hinders the absorption of Iron from Spinach or any iron rich food.  So, we do not take yogurt with iron rich food.  We either take yogurt as snack or drink milk before bed time.

I am so thrilled in learning about Ayurveda.  I need to dive deeper into it to learn more facts.  Let me know if anything was useful to you.


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