Spinach Dip or Chutney

I had posted a spinach recipe in the past  but wanted to share another version since we are getting away from onion and garlic.  Onion and garlic are non-satvic foods and I wanted to reduce their usage.   These changes can be successfully made only when all the family members agree.  Some believe some do not.  I believe.  So, I have been making modifications to my recipes without onion in them  and they turn out to be equally good.  Another note is that iron rich food should not be combined with calcium rich foods like milk/yogurt.  Calcium hinders the absorption of iron.

What you need:

Spinach - 4 cups
Green chillies - 2 (more is good if you can tolerate)
Oil-1 Tbsp
Hing (asofoedita)-1/4 tsp
peanuts-1/2 cup
salt as per taste
turmeric powder-1/4 tsp
jaggery or turbinado sugar - 2 tsp

How to do?

1. Heat 1tsp oil in kadai, add hing and G. chillies. Wait till they become slightly white.
2. Add washed spinach. In few mins, all spinach will go down. Add salt and turmeric powder.
3. Cook till water reduces. Allow to cool. Transfer to a dish.
5. Cool them and blend with jaggery,peanutsin a  hand blender or mixy.

Do tadka with Mustard and Jeera. All done! This is such a healthy and simple recipe.
It goes well with Idli, dosa, adai and upma's as well.

Give a try and let me know. Thanks for reading.


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