Gooseberry Dip (Nellikai chutney)

Gooseberry is an indian berry used extensively in ayurveda medicine.   I make it more often now a days since it is very good for so many health conditions and also it is said to be good after keeping any fasting.  I started doing ekadasi fasting as a cleansing activity.  It is indeed very important to take appropriate food after fasting.  We dont get fresh gooseberries here in US though frozen ones are available.  I got dried gooseberries from India and they are also good.  You can use either of them.

What you need?

Gooseberries - dried/frozen - 2 Tbsp (dried ones) or 5-6 berries
Gr chillies-2 (for low spice family like ours)
ginger 1 inch
Almonds -10 or coconut- 2 Tbsp
Yogurt - 1/2 cup
Cumin seeds-1 tsp
Oil for tadka-2 tsp

Prep work:

* Soak dried gooseberries overnight after washing them  (min 4-6 hrs will be good)

* If using almonds,soak overnight if possible otherwise 30 mins is also fine in hot water. 

* soak cumin seeds in the same cup for about 30 mins

How to make?

Grind all the ingredients together with salt

Tadka with mustard seeds and curry leaves if any.


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