Quinoa Pongal

I make different dishes with quinoa but had not tried pongal till few days ago.  Our weekly menu has atleast one day - quinoa.  Quinoa pongal turned out pretty good and very filling too with the dal.  I served with coconut, dalia and peanut chutney.

What you need?

Quinoa-1 cup
moong dal-1/2 cup
water-3.5 cups
salt - 1 tsp
turmeric - one pinch


oil - 1 Tbsp
cumin seeds-1 tsp
ginger thinly sliced - 1/2 inch
peppercorns few
asofoedita-1/4 tsp

How to make?

1. Dry roast moong dal, wash with quinoa, add water and pressure cook for 2 whistles with little turmeric and salt. You can cook on stove top as well if you are not using pressure cooker.

2. Do tadka, heat oil and add the ingredients on the order above.  I used coconut oil for tadka but any oil is fine.

3. Mix well with the cooked quinoa and server hot with chutney!

That was pretty simple and complete meal. 


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