Amaranth quick Mix(Rajgiro)

Rajgiro is the hindi name for Amaranth.   I first saw this seed in whole foods.  Without any further thought, I got it first.  I searched online and found mostly sweet recipes like rajgiro laddoo.   I stay away from sweets preferably but we do make all kinds of sweets for different occassions and celebrations!  I found my own way of using this wonder seed.  Amaranth is highly nutritional, it has complete protein and most importantly it keeps you full for loonger with less quantity of food.  Most of us just want that right, we dont want to be hungry and eat more!  I make chappathis, mixed rice dish and few other things which I will share one by one.   Another things about this grain is that it cannot be eaten like quinoa or rice since it is gluten free and it is pretty gooey.  It can be used in sweet dishes though. 

I have also read that this seeds are pretty good for diabetic people also. 

What you need?

Amaranth seeds - 3 Tbsp
Red chillies-3 and more
asofoedita-1/8 tsp
urad dal-3 Tbsp
salt as required.

How to make?

Dry roast all the ingredients.  Heat Tava, add red chillies, urad dal, once it is slight roasted, add amaranth seeds, keep a lid ready since they pop well just like sesame seeds.

Once cool,  just blend them to a coarse powder with asofoedita and salt. 

How to use?

You could make rice/quinoa or cracked wheat preferably fluffy (you should be able to seperate the grains)

Add required quantity of the amaranth mix that we made, add 1-2 Tbsp of oil, adjust salt, mix well and server with Raita or any side dish.


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