Awareness on few Ingredients for Vegeterians

It is indeed quite hard to figure out what is plant and animal derived ingredients in all the many processed foods that we get and encounter in our day to day life.  I am creating a list here for all those who care for vegeterianism.  The same post will be updated periodically as I encounter any new ones

1. Mono-Glycerides: These are derived from animals unless it is clearly stated as vegetable derived mono-glycerides.

2. Rennet

3. Gelatin

4. Enzymes are usually based on animals if  not clearly mentioned that as plant based enzymes

5. Many cheese have animal enzymes used in their processing.  I will add the link to find the vegeterian ones.

6. Some Artificial colors are based on bugs though this information could not be verified.

7. Vit D3 ( I have dedicated a post for  it)


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