Mutter Tofu Masala in red capsicum Gravy

I come up with different gravy ideas whenever i make chappathis.  In the beginnng of the week, I made mustard greens curry for lunch to go with avocado chappathis.  I had made enough dough for dinner also.   I had to make some quick curry for dinner and came up with this idea.   It resembled pretty much like the shahi paneer gravy which the restaurants make with heavy cream and tastes awesome.  Tofu in this dish tasted just like paneer since I cooked them in simmer for a while so they absorbed the flavour very well.

I could'nt take a detailed picture but here is what I got.

What you need?

red capsicum - 1 large
tomato-1 large
green chillies-2 or more
ginger-1 inch.

Tofu cut into cubes-20
frozen peas/mutter- 1 cup
salt to taste
spice powder-1 tsp (clove,cinnamon, cardamom,fennel) or garam masala
cumin coriander powder-1 tsp
asofoedita-1/8 tsp
Oil-2 Tbsp

Prep work

    Grind first 5 ingredients.

How to make?

Heat oil, add spice powder, asofoedita, add ground paste, add salt, cumin coriander powder.

Add Tofu and peas to this boiling mixture, reduce heat and let it simmer for 15-20 mins.

I have made them withotu onion/garlic.  You could add it if required.  But the taste was nonetheless without them.  It was a Go!


  1. Raji,

    Just now tried your recipe and turned out to be yummy. Thanks for the recipe,



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