Ayurveda Wonder - Triphala

I hear most of us have one or another health issue either high bad cholesterol or low good cholesterol, triglycerides and so and soo.    You are good if you dont have any issues like this.

One of our friend introduced me to Triphala, the wonder ayurvedic medicine.  I started using it very religiously before 6 months and the results very definetely thrilling.  I have a history of low good cholesterol and high bad cholesterol.   The result of taking Triphala is my good cholesterol bounced up by 8 points while my bad choleseterol reduced.   That made me think of sharing this good one with all of you.

Triphala is available both in powder and pill form.  I prefer the pill form.  One important note is that it should be taken after food in warm water.  2-4 pills per day is recommended in the box.  Take according to your wt. and consult with any doctor if you have prior health issues.  I took 2-3 pills.   I use IMCOPS brand.

You could reach out to me if you need more details about this. 


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