Key for maintaining wt. - Protein

Lot of people struggle reducing their weight and I thought of sharing some of my thoughts though I am not a qualified nutritionist or anything of that sort.  I am seriously thinking to pursue something on that line if possible, just a wish though..

Protein plays a key role in balancing the weight.  It also helps to burn the fat.  I learnt from my nutritionist one formula for the total protein requirement as below :

Normal life style person - Body wt in kgs * .75 gm to 1 gm
Sports person or highly active person -  Body wt in kgs * 1.25 gms

So, now that we know our requirement, we need to plan how much we could get in each of the meal.  Initially, it looked like that protein sources are very less for vegeterians.  Dr. cautioned me when I was pregnant and suggested taking egg or protein powder.  I did neither of that.  I dont eat egg and dont like to take the powder, i consider that as artificial way of eating.  Rather than that, I did some research and found that we have lot of sources.

Vegeterian protein sources


1. Milk - 8 ounces - 9 gms ( go for reduced fat)
2. Yogurt - almost same as milk
3. Nut butter (Peanut/almond/sesame)
4. Fruits like apple and pear have some protein in them
5. Some protein from the whole grains likes oats, barley.
6. Bean based brkfast like kala chana and sprouts misal,  kaman or any whole grain dosai.


1. Yogurt/Greek yogurt or cottage cheese
2. Tofu
3. Quinoa or similar protein rich grains like barley/cracked wheat/millet/groats
4. Pulses and Lentils (masoor, yellow lentil..many choices are there)


1. Trail mix of nuts (almonds - 20 to 24, walnuts-5 pecans-5 raisins about 30) - This is the propotion that my nutritionist suggested for Adults.  
(This is our staple snack, had been working out pretty good.)
2. Milk
3. Fruits
4. Cooked gorbanzo beans/peanuts/green moong


1. Yogurt
2.  Whole grains

You dont need to exactly measure but think about it.  Once you start making conscious choices, you will be able to meet the demand of  your body.


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