Amaranth(Rajgiro) Puri

I am not an expert on deep frying obviously.  But recently I got a kudos on the pakoras and also on the puri's.   I have to tell a short story before I give the recipe.  I started making this as part of my kids ekadasi's menu.   I will blog about ekadasi fasting in my other blog  I started fasting on Ekadasis since last Nov and it is going good.  I do eat and drink (fruit, milk and nuts) but stay away from cooked food.   Kids also wanted to fast on ekadasi's.  I was fine but dad was reluctant.  I did not want to say "No" to it because when they want to do it with their will then it is well and good.  Instead of fasting, we came up with simple menu so that they learn to control their tongue and mind.   They eat fruits and nuts salad for brkfast and dinner.  Lunch will be made with the fasting cereals/fruits like amaranth/buckwheat or moraiyo.

Fasting is infact very good for your body, mind and soul.  It is good to keep away from all kinds of food at least once in a fortnight on Ekadasi.

Amaranth is a gluten free flour.  It has to be mixed with something to make it rollable for puris or chappathi. On normal days, I would mix with wheat flour but it was special for Ekadasi, I made like this one.

Food is cooked with no salt on these days.  Can you imagine, is it not a real challenge for your tongue and mind?

What you need?

Yam or sugarbeet - 2 medium sized
Amaranth flour-1 cup
ajwain seeds-a few

Prep work:

1.  Steam yam in a rice cooker.  I boil water and cook the yam in a steamer on top of it, it takes 20-30 mins.
Once cooked, peel and mash them.

How to make?

Mix amaranth flour with Mashed yams, add ajwain.

Roll them into small discs, use amaranth flour for dusting.

Heat oil in a kadai, deep fry them.

It was super soft.  Serve it with Mango pulp or potato stir fry.  We made it without salt too.  Noo,  we have not gone crazy, just a challenge.    Kids never complained.  Actually I served the potato stir fry in yogurt sauce but they preferred it just as the stir fry.


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