Lemon Grass Tea

I have been getting lemon grass in the farmers market for a while now and always get tempted to buy them. I dono why.  Somehow I love the spices.  I will first buy them and then see where I can use it.  These are literally sticks and cannot be cooked like veggies.  We just need its flavour.  Lot of thai food use lemon grass.  I have a Maharashtrian colleague and I asked her one day if she has any idea of where i can use lemon grass.  She gave this wonderful idea of using it in the tea.  Tadaaaa, it goes into my tea everyday since then whenever I have it my pantry.

Here you go!

Boil 1 cup of water, crush 1/2 inch of ginger.

Crush slightly 2 sticks of lemon grass which are about 2 inch long

Once it starts boiling, add the tea masala, tea powder and sugar, let it boil for few mins.

Add milk if using, give it a few mins, filter it and enjoy the lemon grass flavored tea in your garden! 


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