Mango Ginger Pickle - Remedy for internal inflammation

This recipe is good for anyone but it is quite beneficial for people suffering with any internal inflammation.

I was literally fighting with my sciatica for 4 months.  It was not easy.  I could'nt stand in the same spot for even 2 mins or walk 200 mtrs.  Pain would shoot from the lower back to the toe on my left leg.  I was literally crying inside thinking what pain is this.  It took a month for me to know that it was sciatica.  I told about this to my friend in office and She is the one who suggested this remedy.  I went for  physiotheraphy and took this Mango ginger pickle in sufficient qty every day and I got rid of this in 8-10 weeks.  Yes, it takes that loong.  I had taken high dosage of ibubrufen for 2 weeks in the 5-6th week of the pain.  Reach out to me if you want to know what else I did.  I cannot vouch that my remedy would work for you.  But you could definitely try since it does'nt have any side effect.

Turmeric is known to reduce cholesterol and promote health.

What you need?

Mango Ginger - 1 lb
Fresh Turmeric - 1 lb (optional)
Black salt - 2 Tbsp
Lemon juice - 1 cup (freshly squeezed)

Prep work:  

1. Soak mango ginger and fresh turmeric if using in enough water for couple of hrs.  It will make the skin little bit soft.

2. Just scrap off the thick skin around each mango ginger, (this is cumbersome but the formula is No Pain No Gain)

How to make it?

1. Grate the mango ginger followed by turmeric if using.

2. Use a glass or stainless steel container preferably since plastic will stain and also not good to store lemon juice based dishes.

3. Now add the black salt and lemon juice.  Lemon juice should be sufficient to soak almost.   Increase the salt if it very sour.

4. Leave it overnight.  

5.  Transfer it to multiple jars.  I put one in the refrigerator and rest in the freezer for future use.

Now how to take it?

Take a Tbsp 3 times a day (Brkfast/lunch and dinner) for few weeks.


I could not take the sour.   I added tadka with Mustard seeds, lots of green chillies and Asofoedita to make it a kind of pickle.  I took 2 Tbsp during lunch and 1 Tbsp during dinner.   


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