Boiled Peanut snack (Sundal)

This is quite a common road side food/snack in south india.   Boiled peanuts are very healthy compared to the toasted ones.  Shelled peanuts are best but we dont get it all the seasons so you can go with the dried ones.  I had made it as prashad on one of the navarathiri evenings and one of our friend asked me to post the recipe here.

What you need?

Dried peanuts - 1 cup
salt -about 2 tsp
Turmeric-1/4 tsp


Coconut oil-1 Tbsp
Mustard, hing, green chillies, coconut/mango optional

How to make?

Wash and boil peanuts in a pressure cooker with sufficient water, add salt and turmeric powder.  I leave it for 5 whistles since we all like to be well cooked.

Allow the pressure cooker to cool.  Drain the water just before using them, or they tend to become very dry.

Drain most of the water leaving about 1/4 cup on it.


Shred green chillies, coconut and mango if using and keep it ready.

Heat oil, add mustard and allow it to pop, add hing, curry leaves and the boiled peanuts.

Add the shredded green chillies/mango and coconut and mix well.

It is ready to be served.   This is one of my kids favorite snacks after school.  Infact all of us like it.


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