Kale Avocado Tepla (Quick lunch)

Kale is one high fibre green which is very good for health.  It is little hard to incorporate into indian cooking. It has a stringent smell when cooked.  I have been looking for ways and means to use it.  This recipe turned out to be very good.

What you need?

To Fry:

     Kale - 1 bunch (choose tender leaves which look fresh)
     gr chillies-2 +
     ginger 1 inch
     hing 1/4 tsp

To make tepla  dough

   whole wheat flour - 1.5 cup
   barley flour-1 cup
   oats - 1/2 cup
   Avocado - 1 medium sized
Prep work:

Remove the thick stems from kale, wash and chop them.

How to make?

Heat 1 Tbsp oil, hing, shredded gr chillies and ginger

Add the chopped Kale leaves,turmeric and salt.  Fry it till the volume reduces and sauted.

Allow it to cool for a bit.  In the mean time, mash the avocado and set aside

Mix all the flour in a bowl, add salt, avocado and kale mixture.  Make dough, adjust liquid or flour to get the dough consistency.

Divide the dough into equal sized balls

Heat griddle and  make 6 " round circles using flour as required and cook both sides.

I just brushed with little ghee once cooked since I was packing it as kids lunch.  My kids liked it and that made my day.


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