Eat fruit by itself

This blog is not just for recipes.  I often post few things that are informative on our day to day eating!

Eating fruits may sound quite healthy but actually we might be harming our system.   The background of this post is based on my research on eating fruits as per ayurveda.    I read some articles from Dr.Vasant Lad and few other ayurveda doctors.

Most of the healthy meals contain fruits as part of it.  Think logically, fruits are fresh and juicy.  It gets digested very fast.  That is the key, when you are low on energy. reach out to some fresh fruits.  You feel readily energized.  When this fruit is combined with grains then it causes the food to be fermented inside your digestive system and creates toxic substance.  Those toxic substance build over a period of time and affect health in one or other way.  It may not even affect some due to their gifted metabolism.

Eat fruits in the morning time mostly in empty stomach, it is ok to eat after an hr or two of your coffee/tea. Body readily absorbs the nutrition when you eat it fresh in the morning.  You can go for a mid morning snack or breakfast if you want to.

Eating fruits with milk and cereal is NOT right.   I know it is going to be hard to accept this and follow.  But it is up to us to make the best use of what we eat finally.

Happy Healthy Eating!


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