Incompatible Food Combinations according to Ayurveda

Eating right is the key for healthy life.  Sometimes, in spite of whatever effort we take, our body might not be responding. For instance in loosing weight or increasing the hemoglobin.   Then you might want to consider this where we can have a quick chk if we are not eating food in a wrong combination.   It was quite shocking to know about the wrong concoctions in our day to day cooking.

I got this from Ayurveda book.  I have not modified anything.

Don't eat: With:

Beans Cheese, eggs, fruit, fish, meat, milk, or yogurt
Milk         Fish, bananas, meat, melons, yogurt, kitchari, sour fruits, yeasted bread, or cherries
Melons Anything, especially dairy products, grains, eggs, starches, or fried foods
Starches Dairy, eggs, bananas, dates, persimmons, or most fruits
Honey When it’s been cooked or boiled, or when mixed with an equal amount of ghee (by weight)
Radishes  Milk, bananas, or raisins
Potatoes,Tomatoes Eggplant Milk, yogurt, melons, or cucumber
Yogurt  Milk, sour fruits, or melons
Hot drinks  Meat, fish, cheese, mangoes, or starches
Eggs           Milk, yogurt, cheese, meat, fish, melons, fish, fruit, beans, or kitchari
Fruit           Any other food (except some cooked combinations)
Corn          Bananas, raisins, or dates
Citrus fruit   Milk, yogurt or any other dairy products

Disclaimer:  Please do thorough analysis before you start practicing what is mentioned here.  I am just sharing my research on food and nutrition.


  1. Incompatible food - Virudhha Ahara is a combinations, whitch interrupts the metabolism , the process of formation of tissues are called as Virudhha Anna or incompatible diet.


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