Healthy Breakfast - Kamut puff cereal with fruits

Breakfast is a very important meal of a day.  It should not be skipped.  We dont miss it unless we have a religious reason to do so.   What to eat in a breakfast is also equally important.  Buckwheat sounds like a sister to wheat but it does not belong to wheat family.  It is a fruit seed with a distinct flavour.  It is super healthy.  I have tried it in pulaos and kichidi too.  When I roaming in the aisles of whole foods, some puffs got my attention, they were barley, millet and kamut puffs.  I got all of them in my trolley.    Then, I started thinking for ways to use it.   My husband makes very yummy cereals, I should post those pictures along with the recipe.  You got to have a passion and patience to make such cereal.  Few things, I just say that dad will make :-) Cutting everything on the same size is something I can never attempt to!  My patience is definitely lesser than his.

This is a super great breakfast with fruits,nuts and kamut puffs.

What you need?

Kamut puffs - 1/3 cup
Apple-diced-1/4 cup
Banana diced-1/4 cup
Grapes-sliced-1/4 cup (optional)
Raisins-2 Tbsp
Flax meal-1 Tbsp (optional)
Chia gel-1 tsp (optional)
Almonds-5 sliced
Walnuts-3 shredded
Dried Dates-3 cut fine

How to make?

Once all the cutting is done, just mix them well.  Add kamut puff just before serving.  

Add 3 Tbsp of Mango pulp if your taste bud demands (optional)

Note:  Kamut puff has a distinct taste.   You could use alternately kamut cereal which some health stores sell.


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