Snack on Nuts!

We eat our main meal around 12-1 pm.  Kids do not want to eat rice or main dish after they come back from school.  I also dont give them forcefully.  If I sent them sandwich at times, then I ask but they deny.   As per Ayurveda,  the heavy meal should be eaten around noon when the body is at the peak to take anything.  Our challenge is the snacks.  They come home and look for choices.  First choice is fruits.  Ofcourse, Milk is something they dont miss.  Whatever be there or not, we always have the trial mix which all of us love. Infact, I have been snacking on nuts every day for last five years.   I should thank the nutritionist who gave this idea to me.  She was like " It is of no use eating just 4-5 almonds everyday,we should consume atleast an ounce per day to keep healthy" but see the note below.  Nuts are very good source of proteins and good fats.  Almond is called as a brain food.

I dont buy the pre-mixed one.  I buy all the nuts and mix it at home as per our choice.   Nuts is one thing we keep constantly buying from the wholesaler Costco.  

What you need?

Raisins - 2 cups
Almonds- 2 cups
Walnuts - 1 cup
Pecans - 1 cup
Roasted Peanuts - 1 cup (optional)
Dates/Fig/Dark chocolates (optional)

How to make?

Just mix everything in a big bowl and store in an Air tight container.

How to Serve?

Adults everyday portion is

One fist which could have around 22-24 almonds, 5 walnuts and 5 Pecans.

For kids, I give around 10 almonds 3 walnuts 3 pecans and raisins

Occasionally, we mix in some dark chocalates or dates stuffed with almonds or with Figs.

This was recommended to me by my nutritionist.  You should consult your Dr./Nutritionist for your required quantity.

Snack Healthy and Go Nuts!


1.  Almond slices is also an available option in case you find it hard to chew almonds.


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