Strawberry Avocado popsicle

What does hot weather remind?  Popsicles and icecreams are top selling items.   I had never known about popsicles before coming to US.   First, I saw my neighbour giving their kids colorful bars!  Wondering what they are,  I did a google search and found an healthy alternate.  I bought moulds first and have made a variety of popsicles.  Infact, I have never attempted to buy popsicle from store.  Most of the store bought popsicles has low quality sugar either from high fructose corn syrup or other sources with vibrant artificial colors.  

Avocado has a silky texture and it tastes pretty good on Smoothies and Popsicle.   I make Popsicle with smoothies or home made juices.

I do not mix milk or yogurt with strawberries since body does'nt absorb the nutrients of berries with protein rich milk products.  Also, berries are rich in Vit-C and hence do not go well with milk.

What you need?

Strawberries- 1 box (15-20 berries)
Avocado- 1 medium
soaked dates-15

How to make?

1. Soak dates in just enough hot water.  Once cooled, check for seeds and remove.
2. Blend everything into puree
3. Pour into BPA free moulds and let it freeze for 5 hrs or more

To use:

Rest the popsicle in warm water for few mins to loosen them lil bit from the mould.  Enjoy!


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