Melon popsicle

No guilt of having popsicles! since they are made at home.  Even kids can make it.  It is that simple.  There is abundance supply of Melons in summer (Water melon, honey due melon, cantaloupe).  I read in one of Vasant Lad's Ayurveda books that Melon should be eaten by themselves.  We should not eat it with any other fruits/food.     I read the same in another western diet plan as well.  It looks like there is something about it.   On a hot summer afternoon, we make wedges of melons and sit in my patio and enjoy them.   Popsicles are the most wanted item, if we make it with real fruit then there is no guilt of serving them.

I made these popsicles with Cantaloupe melon.

What you need?

   Cantaloupe melon cut into cubes-3 cups
   Maple syrup/any sweetener-2 Tbsp

How to make?

    Blend all together and fill it in your popsicle mould.

Let it freeze for 4 hrs and it is ready to Go!

Happy Summer afternoons!


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