Barley Dosa/Crepes- Itz cool!

Barley is known for its fiber content and not quite commonly used.   It has so many health benefits that I was quite surprised that we have'nt been using it.   My pantry has a wide range of grains/flours and seeds :-)  I try to use different grain each day so that all of them get a fair place....

I found this recipe with pearl barley which is the most common barley available in the market.  I was happy to find barley with more outer skin than pearl barley in our local health store. 

I like this recipe since we use lot of barley and we live the taste as well.

What you need?

Hull-less whole barley-2 cups
Brown rice/Any rice - 1/4 cup
Black gram - 1/2 cup
Methi seeds-2 Tbsp

How to make?

1. Soak barley, rice, methi seeds and black gram seperately for about 6-8 hrs.
2. Grind black gram first till fluffy.  Transfer to the container.
3. Grind barley, rice and methi together.  Add salt and mix well with the black gram batter.

You can adjust the  consistency of the dosa batter by adding water.

One important tip is NOT to ferment this batter for longer.  I just refrigerate as soon as I grind.  I keep the batter out for few hrs before I make dosa.   The batter would quickly turn sour if kept outside longer.

I called the recipe cool since it is actually very cooling to your system.   Healthy eating!


I make my dosas and rotis in iron skillet without using lot of oil.    


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