Buckwheat (Kasha)/Note about Wheat

We switched to cracked wheat instead of rice couple of years back.    It takes time to know few facts.  I am sharing this information here to create awareness.   Wheat that we get on the stores are genetically modified ones.  Original wheat is not sold anymore on local stores.    My mom suffered with severe constipation when she started eating this wheat regularly here.  She is fine to a greater extent with the samba wheat that she gets in India.  

I have been exploring Buckwheat now and then for the last few years.   I used to cook it in rice cooker and it spreads an earthly flavor which was not so appetizing for me.    Recently, I tried cooking it in pressure cooker with 1:4 water and found to be a great alternate.     How much ever you cook, it does'nt become sticky.  That makes it perfect for pulaos and mixed rice dishes.    

Buckwheat is not even a grain.   It is a fruit seed which makes it even more healthier.    It is typically used on upvas days when they forbid grains.  It has so many health benefits including lowering cholesterol and Blood pressure.    I also read that it is great for diabetic patients.  

Explore this seed and see if it gets a spot on your pantry!


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