Sprouted Jowar Dosai

We started our new episode in Bangalore.. I got Activa and started roaming around in search of the healthy ingredients for my Pantry.  Not bad, found most of them.    

One advantage is sprouting is fast since it is warm here.    I can sprout any grain and dry it on sunshine.   I am experimenting sprouting wheat and grinding it in the near by mill.     

What you need?

Sprouted Jowar 1 cup
Sprouted Bengal gram 1/4 cup
Sprouted Methi seeds 2 Tbsp

Prep work

Soak Jowar, bengal gram (urad with skin) and Methi seeds for about 8 hrs or overnight.   

I just leave it in colander and let it sprout.  There are various methods to sprout.   

All three of them sprouted.  Grind all together till it is smooth and mix salt.  Ferment overnight.

How to make?

I use my iron griddle to make these dosas.  It does' nt take lot of  little oil.    Please see tip if you want to use iron griddle.

* Heat your griddle as per the usage instructions
* On iron griddle, spread little oil and pour a laddle full of batter.
* Allow it to cook on that side, it forms nice pours, turn it around and let it cook.  These dosas can be made thin.

Serve hot with chutney or sambar.


1.This dosas can be made without sprouting too.  Just soak and grind and let it ferment. 

2. It was slightly tough to switch from non stick to iron griddle.  Once you get used to it, I am sure you will not go back to the unhealthy non-stick griddle.    On using the iron griddle,  we need to season the griddle with potato or onion.    I typically cut potato into half and insert a fork on it for the sake of convenience to use it over the griddle.     Pour a tsp of oil and spread it nicely with the potato before you start making dosas.   Good luck with your switch.   


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