Cookware is  critical for healthy cooking.   We take so much effort is buying quality ingredients and spend time in preparing the dish but if we don't use the right cookware then it wouldn't be beneficial.  

Most of us have been trapped under the non-stick cookware atleast for more than a decade..   I got rid of all my non-stick cookwares atleast 5 years ago.  It was hard to let go the griddle for making dosas/chappathis!   I bought a simple iron griddle for Rs.500 for a local store and it does amazing job for dosas/pancakes using very less oil.    I bought a separate light weight iron griddle for chappathis and it is also quite decent.   I was  wondering when all these age-old cookwares work so perfectly why did the non-stick cookware even came into picture!   Someone wanted to make money out of our ignorance!  

Beware of new cookwares entering the market, stick to the old ones since they have proved historically.    


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