Milagai Podi (Spicy powder)

It is typically called as Idli milagai podi.   My kids literally smear the dosa/idli generously with the powder mixed with sesame oil.      They even sprinkle this over curd rice or Upma.   They have reminded me many times to post this recipe on my blog!  Here is the actual log of what they have been eating on their childhood!   They have been experimented with all grains/pulses and seeds!   I am hoping in the ultra to ultra modern world, they will be making their meals when they grow up!  Just a wish!   Now-a-days you get each and every thing out in the market, buy, microwave and eat!  Importance of cooking your own home made food is old-fashioned but I am very happy about it.    I don't have any ready to eat processed food at home including ketchup or sauces!   I firmly believe that if you want to be sure what you are eating then better make it!

This is really a grandma recipe!  My moms recipe!  My kids would be like can you make like how pati makes?   Whenever they talk to her, they will ask for Mysore pakku, tomato thokku and Milagai podi.  I will be like 'Grandma is old now, don't bother her,  I can make it for you kiddos! '  I usually restrict the intake of junk items but not this one!  I make it less spicy and it is protein rich so they have a free hand on this item.  

What you need?

Whole urad (bengal gram)- 1/2 cup
Chana dal - 1 cup
Brown sesame seeds - 1/4 cup
Jaggery - 2 Tbsp
Tamarind dry - 1 small lemon size
Salt to taste
Red chillies Long - 10-15 (adjust spice)
Sesame oil- 1 Tbsp
Asofoedita - 1/2 tsp

How to make?

1. Dry roast Urad and chana dal separately till aroma comes, it is very important to roast them properly.

2. Pop sesame seeds.  It is done by adding a handful to the kadai while it is hot.  Cover the kadai with lid to avoid spluttering.  Once done transfer to a small bowl.

3.   Heat oil, add asafetida(hing) and then red chillies, turn on the exhaust fan since it will spread the spicy.  Roast till the chillies are roasted nicely.   Transfer it to a plate leaving rest of the oil.   Now fry the tamarind in this oil till they are crisp.

4.   Allow it to cool for for 10 mins.   We have to grind in the following order,

      First red chillies, hing and tamarind till they are fine. It will be noisy because of the roasted tamarind.
          Once it is powdered, all the red chillies would be sticking to the jar, scrap it inside the jar itself.  

    Next,  Add urad and chana dal, run it in pulser mode few times and then in speed 1 and 2 for few turns, the end product should be coarse.  So please make sure than you don't run it for too long.  

    Last Add sesame seeds and run it few turns in pulser only.  Sesame seeds need not be ground longer.   Add Jaggery and salt for run it just to mix all together.

This powder will be very hot on the day you made, It will adjust in a day.  


You can bring a different taste by adding flax seeds or amaranth seeds.    All the seeds should be popped and ground coarsely.  

Enjoy this topping with Idli/dosa or rice!   This powder is typically mixed with sesame oil since it is cooling.


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