Saturday, July 18, 2015

Pumpkin Roti

Roti is a versatile food.    You can make variations very easily.   My older one plays 2 hrs soccer at school on Fridays and She asks for some quick lunch.   I pack home made bread sandwiches/parata or Chappathi rolls.    I have been making Rotis/Buns and Bread with steamed pumpkin for few years now.     It just occurred to me to write it here now.    Pumpkin is one of the colorful vegetable that is very appealing in look as well as on taste.  Typically, it is used on sambar in south indian cuisine.   Somehow it is not welcomed by kids for school lunch.

What you need?

 sliced Pumpkins - About 5 each 2-3 inch width
 Atta flour - 1.5 - 2 cups
 Garam masala - 1 tsp
 Salt - 1 tsp
 Asofoedita - 1/8 tsp

How to make?

1. Steam the pumpkin with the peel for 10 mins .   Insert a toothpick to check if it is cooked.   Let it cool for 5 mins.

2,  Scoop out the pulp using a spoon to a jar.   You can either mash it with hand or using a hand blender.   I used blender since it does the job faster.

3.  Now, in a bowl, add flour, masala, salt and asofoedita, mix everything while dry.   Add the pumpkin puree little by little till you get the dough texture.   You can add more flour if it is too wet or adjust little water if the puree was not sufficient.  

4.  Divide the dough into lemon size balls and make rotis.  Apply little Ghee/flax seed oil/olive oil  once you cook them on both sides.

Serving Tip:

I spread tomato spread and made a roll, cut them into two and packed in the box.


Measurement will vary depending upon the size of the pumpkin and the absorbency of the wheat flour.

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