Avocado Cucumber Raita

I wanted to make the best use of the avocados that we get here in US.  I tasted the best Avocado in  Kodaikanal, India. They were round and big ones. But it is not used extensively.  I got to know that they send it to Goa where it is used to make icecreams.  Good idea right?  I will try that soon.

What you need?

Avocado - 1 Medium
Cucumber - 2 medium
Gr chillies-as per your taste
salt- as per your taste
Yogurt-2 cups

How to make?

1. Grate or cut cucumber finely.
2. Cut gr chillies into small pieces
3.  Mash the avocadoes or just blend them
4. Mix everything together.
5. Tadka with Mustard seeds and asofoedita if you like it (optional step).
6. Dress on top with finely cut coriander leaves

I served this with mix veg quinoa.  It will go well with any main dish since it is mild.


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