Amaranth Kulcha

Here is another recipe on Amaranth.  We even grew this plan at home, we sprinkled the seeds last spring and they grew as beautiful greens.  The leaves were moer like spinach and can be cooked like that.   We live in apartment so no big backyard but still we managed to grow them and make few harvests for our small family.

You could use boiled potatoes or sweet potatoes for this recipe.  I usually use sweet potatoes since it is very good source of fiber and it has low glycemic index.

What you need?

Amaranth flour-2 cups
Sweet potato-2 medium or 1 large
other spices(chilli/coriander/cumin powder)-1/2 tsp (optional)

How to make?

steam the sweet potatoes.  I use rice cooker. I dont put them into water rather than i steam cook so that they dont get too mushy.  Let it cool.

Mash the cooked sweet potatoes and mix with the amaraanth flour, add salt and spices.  Add water if required to make the soft dough like how we make for chappathi, consistency of the flour will be slightly coarse. 

This kulcha cannot be made as thin as phulkas since they dont have any gluten, you could still use roti rolling pin and make it as small circles. 

Heat tava, cook on both sides,  apply oil if you would like to.

Serve with any side dish.    One impt note is that this keeps you pretty full, so you can reduce the number of rotis than what you would usually eat. 


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