Purple Potato Parata!

Natural colors in food is very appealing and also very good for our body.  Especially purple colored vegetables are very food to reduce fat from body.  I was amazed when I read about the nutrition of purple potatoes.   They are completely healthy when compared to other potato varieties.  I see it occassionally in one of the stalls in the farmers market and do not miss to grab a few of them.  We have used it in upmas and also made paratas.   I sent it in lunch box one day and my older one told me that her friend asked for the recipe!  This post is mostly to share the idea since many of us are experts in making aloo parata!   I am sure purple potatoes must be available in other stores as well.

What you need?

Purple potatoes - 3
ajwain-1/8 tsp (optional)
salt-1/2 tsp
cumin powder-1/8 tsp

How to make?

I steam cook these potatoes and not boil them since I dont want to loose the purple color in the water. 

Once done, mash them, you could use the skin as well since lot of veggies are havign the nutrients on the skin.  I happened to buy them organic so used the skin also.

Add salt, ajwain and cumin powder and make small balls.

Make chappathi dough, slightly tight and make a small circle, keep one ball inside, cover it and roll

Heat griddle and roast them on both sides.  I use ghee/clarified butter for kids. 

Pack them with Tomato thokku(dip) and yogurt!  Simple lunch done.


  1. I bought some red potatoes and couldn't get the purple will try this...good ideas and thanks for sharing

    1. Thanks Usha. I am glad you are looking for healthy alternatives. Red potato is almost equivalent to white potato in nutrition but once you start looking for healthy ingredients then you will find them.


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