Dark chocolate Truffles

Dark chocolates are one of the super foods.   We got used to this couple of years back.  Truffles is very simple to make and tastes very good.  The super chef who makes it all the time is my hubby!  I am just posting the recipe!

What you need?

Dark chocolates chunks-1/2 lb
Shredded nuts(Almonds/Walnuts)-1 cup
Raisins-1/2 cup
Butter-1 Tbsp (optional)
cinnamon-1/2 tsp(optional)

How to make?

1. Boil water in a pan.  Mix dark chocolate in another cup with little water and keep this on the boiling water. Chocolate should melt thoroughly. Once melted add butter and cinnamon if you are using them.

2. In another bowl, mix in the nuts, raisins and pour the chocolate over it.  Mix well.

3. Line parchment paper in a big tray.  Scoop a teaspoon of chocolate mix in equal distances.

4. Freeze it for 2 hrs.  Check if they are solid if not keep it for longer depending upon your refrigerator.

It is ready to eat!  You can save the rest in the refrigerator for later use.


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