Small Grains - Conscious Replacement of Rice

Rice was not part of everyday meal till 2 generations back.   People used a variety of grains out of necessity or just by usage.   I am very surprised with the way Rice dominates our day to day lives.   In today's world, it is up to you to choose what you want to eat.  It is a conscious decision though.  Remind yourself that they are also palatable if you are hesitant about the taste.  

Last week I made pongal with a millet (pani-varagu in tamil) and it tasted awesome.  No one could make a difference if it was made with rice or pongal.  Some millets needs to be roasted before you cook them.   Those tactics has to be learnt.

We dont need to run behind expensive grains like Quinoa.   I was shocked with the price raise of this grain. Compare the nutrition and taste of Quinoa vs other millets.  It is quite comparable.   Price is one tenth.

Welcome small grains into your pantry for a healthier cooking!  I m just being a motivator here.  I cook small grains quite often and make rice quite occasionally.  


  1. Excellent! Thanks a lot! Wonderful suggestions....:-)


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