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Eggless Waffle!, Just Healthy with only 6 ingredients

There are some dishes which makes you feel sooo good! Waffles are one of them.  I had some fascination for its exquisite look for a while now, but I've never tasted it since they had eggs! Once I perfected the recipe, its become a staple breakfast food every week. I like it to be served crispy right out of the waffle maker. My kids love it as much as I do! They especially like to drizzle the maple syrup over to make it a tad bit sweeter. Waffles are the perfect breakfast food for every household!

A downside of the waffles that you buy from outside is that they're not very healthy. I started using Non-GMO grains a while ago. I make my waffles with spelt flour which is an original cousin of the Non-GMO grains. 

Spelt has got a super stretchy flour property and it can easily replace all-purpose flour in any recipe!  It fills you right up to the brim and sends a feeling of contentment along with it. Finding this grain has changed my cooking for the better.

Now for the Amazing Waffles…

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